Nostos Collectives: Must See


Tonight: Parallel Paths is a must see.

I had the pleasure of sitting in on Nostos’ dress rehearsal for Parallel Paths. Rarely do a group of dancers fully capture me from the top of a show. I was struck immediately with the imagery captured by the deconstruction of a single file line of dancers; casting a silhouette on the scrim.

Parallel Paths represents a common dissonance we experience as humans interact with, and reflect on life. Are we headed in the right direction? What is our place? Is someone out in another part of the world living a copy of our life?

As the ensemble broke into duets and solos, my pupils dilated and I leaned in. Time stood motionless as they performed the fully integrated corporeal movement.

In this work, as East Coast and Torontonian artists navigate through their complex choreography they’re reactive and solidly grounded. An incredible representation of the versatility and sincerity hidden away in the East Coast dance scene. This rigorous work showcases the talent of a group of humble dancers. They move as if instinctual; bones liquidly tracing the stage, grabbing space as if it were dark matter, and fluidly transitioning through partnered lifts and drops.Nostos Dance Company spear-headed by Jessica Lowe and Anastasia Wiebe has made leaps and bounds since arriving here.

My hope is that Parallel Paths becomes a signature show that will see many more stages across Canada. This hard working group of dancers deserves to be recognized for their artistry and I would be proud if they were to represent the East Coast abroad.

Parallel Paths
Friday & Saturday/ 9&10/November/2018
Tickets: $20 children $25 senior $30 regular
Alderney Landing Theatre

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