Get up & Move! Halifax Dance Classes

There are lots of classes available for adults around the city ranging from Beginner to Professional.

So many people ask about ballet classes for adults. A great way to stay in shape (get that cute little ballet booty) find more grace and improve posture. Maria Osende is one of my favourite ballet teachers in the city! With a flair for fun and OMG wow! ballet feet her will become addictive. She is also the go-to for flamenco classes for all levels.

If you’re returning to Halifax and have dance experience, it can be daunting to find a class in this little city. Trust me, I was you once. Trying to get used to the small town feel, your muscles aching to get back into shape, looking for that class where people show  up to set up their own goals, and dance with an open mind. For those with dance experience there are plenty of morning and evening classes available.

Morning class with Bridget Lappin Photo by: Jacinte Armstrong

Votive Dance offers weekly jazz classes stylized by Decidedly Jazz Dance graduates Kathleen Doherty and Kendra Armstrong. They also have rotating guest artists in a range of styles from Kizomba to Swing Dance.

Weekly Professional Dance Classes photo by: Jacinte Armstrong

The Conservatory is beautiful and just being in the space is refreshing. Not sure if you should join? The group is very welcoming and if you feel you’d like to participate in warm up and hop in and out of exercises according to ability, that’s totally fine. Just make sure you have enough training to know how to take care of your body so you’re dancing safely!

Mocean Dance likes to contribute classes whenever they are in rehearsal at Halifax Dance. A fun way to get to know the professional scene and what projects they’re working on, are a variety of technique, floor work, across the floor combos and contact improvisation. Classes are offered throughout the year and are mainly advertised on their website and Facebook, so check out this link to stay updated.

Courses offered by Sara Coffin will help you reach your aeronautic goals with on Sunday afternoons. Well versed in leading a class of mixed levels through the ins and outs weight sharing, Sara has the ability to inspire dancers to trust their instincts. With this trust partners are able to lift each other with ease, navigate in and out of sometimes precarious moments and listen and provide each other with kinesthetic support.

Another weekly drop-in you can count on is the every Tuesday evening at Halifax Dance. Alexis Cormier leads this course as a start to the rehearsal for The Woods, our local Halifax Hip-Hop company known to perform for Live Art Dance and public events around town. I’ve experienced Alexis’ choreography and from what I know, her upbeat personality and challenging moves are sure to get you breaking a sweat!

At Halifax dance You’ll meet former professional ballet dancers, currently working professionals and teachers keeping up with their technique. A full barre complete with helpful corrections followed by centre and allegro work. Attending consistently every week will help improve alignment flexibility strength and turn out all while keeping you motivated.