Get out and Move Halifax!

Olivia Aubrecht and I had the amazing opportunity to work together during a one week stay at Ross Creek Centre for the Arts in Mocean Dance’s CLEaR Forum. Together we learned about listening to our environment, listening to our hearts and responding from a calm and peaceful place within.
Olivia is the type of dancer that delves in completely and fully; skillfully interpreting a choreographer’s vision. Dancing along side her I learned of her interests in meditation, unending curiosity and of her generosity as a leader, especially in the arts.
This generosity will no doubt be present in her workshop next Wednesday as she leads the group in an exploration of improvisation, listening and human anatomy, all to the live music of her equally talented counterparts Vianney and Hannah Aubrecht.
Proceeds from the workshop go to future shows of her , whom have been featured in the Atlantic Fringe Festival, have produced their own show and participated in various professional programs within Halifax, all in one year may I add.

Check out Olivia’s film made on the beautiful grounds of Ross Creek centre for the Arts.

from on Vimeo .

7:30pm-9pm / 8 July/ 2015
$10 cash
Halifax Dance 1506 Barrington