Get out and Move Halifax!

I throw my hands to the air once, crouch down and once more fling my hands in the air before I do a big jump to turn. A smile has landed itself smack dab on my face and it’ll be there for the day. I look around me taking it in. There are the professionals, confidently swinging their limbs to the song “Happy”  by Pharrell Williams. There are others sheepishly joining in and still more of the public focused on landing the right beat. As I sit in the café on this balmy dance recital day, reminiscing about last Sunday’s experience with the Fuse Flash Mob, a singer drones in to the tune of a ukulele “…nothing matters when we’re dancing….”. Isn’t it true that just getting out to move to a little music can catapult your worries to the sky.

And this is how it felt surrounded by lovely humans at the library; having just learnt the flash mob all together and panting through the heat, eager to perform it again. So thankful for the people who value the chance to dance and got up to join us! If this all sounds like a fun time to you, readers, you also have a chance to join in on the fun this Canada Day for Free!

Halifax is a small city, but we have a big heart and I’ll join any chance to help bring the community together. This is Maria Osende’s goal by organizing the FUSE Festival. By single handedly welcoming all styles of dance into one event, audiences on Canada Day will delight in this multicultural experience; the ultimate expression of who we are as Canadians. And at 2pm right in the middle of the festival, everyone will have their 3 minutes of fame as we all join together for a huge flash mob! Wondering how to get ahold of those moves? Check out the video on the FUSE Festival website or attend the live lesson at during their Canada Day Kick-Off from 8-10pm.

The piece will begin with professionals busting a move and when the chorus kicks in you can bust a move right alongside. The hope is the whole crowd will get their booty shaking!

Performers will be on stage from 11am to 5pm as the day long event unfolds. Dance styles include Kizomba, Salsa, Contemporary, Jazz, Latin, African, Mi’kmaq and more; incorporating a surprisingly diverse dance community from all over the city. Situated on a stage in the Commons just across from the Oval, you can stop to watch for a few minutes or throw down a lawn chair and watch all day, just make sure you jump up at 2pm to join us for our beloved Happy dance.

See you there!

Tickets: Free!
11AM-5PM/Saturday/Canada Day/ July 1st
Across from the Oval in The Commons