Amazing Dance photographers live among us

It’s a rare thing to meet someone that you can strike a fascinating conversation about art with. Often, when it comes to talking about it I slink into the shadows; not because I don’t have an opinion, but because I think people just won’t get why I like beauty in art. So often controversial among

Steve Richard

contemporary artists, beauty in fine art is now a dwindling trend.

Steve Richard’s work is so fascinating because his subjects are mainly dancers with their beautiful physique and lines, however there is always a twist. He isn’t just aiming for a beautiful picture, he looks for the story. He doesn’t create the story however, the pictures create the story themselves; having been caught in a moment. So I guess you could say he doesn’t necessarily photograph dancers, he photographs moments. These moments just happen to feature someone suspended eternally in the air with luxurious lines and an indelible narrative.

The beauty of the story is that there is often a darkness that reveals itself and creates a third dimension which is evident in his series The viewer is drawn in by the photograph but is held there by the hint of human experience. Dancers, acrobats, silk artists work daily to achieve small increments of improvement in their chosen skill. This rigour fascinates Steve and he uses his own dedication to let that be present in his photography instead of engaging the ring master to cover up all of the “blood sweat and tears”. Engaging the darker side of performance creates, in itself a narrative that allows one to empathize with the humanity of it all.
Recently we worked together on that placed in the top 30 for the 60second international dance film contest. He will be offering up a new book featuring images from his series “The Sensual World” which will be available just before Christmas. See more of his work at his website:
Want to support the publishing of the book and receive a signed copy? Check out the Kickstarter campaign here , complete with behind the scenes making of footage, donations of $45 or more receive an award.