Reflections of a curious Yogi

Yoga can teach us a lot about life. How to move gracefully through it. How to deal with struggles and barriers along the way.

The physical discomfort we feel during practice imitates the emotional discomfort we often encounter throughout our life journey.

These past weeks have been fraught with troublesome news and uncomfortable changes.

From split ups to life threatening health problems, even lost loved ones. Grief and life changing events have been happening all around me, whether directly or to friends and coworkers.

Friday morning in Taylor’s 9:30 class he spoke a lot of sustainable discomfort. He lead us smoothly from downward dog into half moon and side bending poses all the while reminding us to sink into and acknowledge the discomfort while breathing through it. This is a reminder to all of you out there whom have lost someone close or have experienced varying degrees of pain in this tough time.

Find your sustainable discomfort. Breathe through it and know that on the other side of the discomfort is more room, flexibility, elasticity.

If the Pose is becoming too much ease off and give yourself the space for just enough work that the muscles feel engaged. If the everyday becomes a lot give yourself time and space to gently get back onto your feet, and your yoga mat.