The Dance Seen

On a cold February afternoon I sit against a heater, sun shining through the window on the light hardwood floor. Kathleen Doherty, artistic director of Votive Dance has invited myself and two others for an exclusive “first look” at her new production.

Funded by Arts Nova Scotia, she’s hired four local contemporary dancers with a variety of training and backgrounds. The work, inspired by her trip to Ireland to reconnect with her heritage is wrapped in the comfort of home. Featuring teacups and antiquated furniture, the dancers gaze as if looking out over their past.

Filled with Kathleen’s signature simplicity, the piece is easy to slip into. As I watched their rocking movement and sweeping reaches, a sense of tranquility washes over me. The dancers’ movements are performed with a sensitive care that translates like a lullaby to make you feel at ease, and well, remind you of home.

Enjoy this 50 minute show for free! A welcome treat as the winter subsides and the March sun shines brighter; the harbour will serve as backdrop for the premier of homeplace. As Shubenacadie Sam has predicted, an early Spring settles upon us so let’s get out there and soak in those good dance vibes.

7pm/ Thursday/15 March/2018