The Dance Seen

To wrap up their 2016/17 season Kinetic studio is reaching beyond the province to host some exciting artists from away.

For an easy $8-$10 you can see live performances by artists making waves in Canada right now. Alongside Halifax-based choreographer Rhonda Baker, winner of this year’s Kinetic Explorations Award, and animator and movement artist Susan Wolf, Ellen Furey and Lucy M. May will be joining us from Montreal and Sarah Wendt from Charlottetown.

Each with their unique take on creating dance the artists are coming from varied backgrounds and experience ranging from work with Dancemakers (Toronto) study at NSCAD and LADDMMI or work with Compagnie Marie Chouinard (Montreal).

from on Vimeo .

Beginning at 7pm the show will kick off with a unique opportunity to walk through a Halifax Graveyard with Lucy M. May using her senses to translate stories to the audience in tactile environments.

Lydia Zimmer in rehearsal for S U N S W A L L O W E R choreographed by                     Rhonda Baker Photo by: Rhonda Baker

Following  the waking performance, the audience will return to DANSpace for the rest of the four pieces. Baker will return with more development on her work S U N S W A L L O W E R with Lydia Zimmer. Sarah Wendt from Charlottetown shares a multidisciplinary approach to choreography as she collaborates with sculptor Pascal Dufaux in  Mixing Ghosts. Susan Wolf will be presenting her work exploring how “physical memory is passed down between generations and between bodies” and Ellen Furey will be performing a one-off piece In her series Performing Performance, intentionally creating performance with little rehearsal so audiences can witness the intuitive body.

The weather may be a little chilly (below zero) but sunny, so bundle up to bask in the remaining sunshine as you participate in the walk through with Lucy M. May. This will be a lovely finale to a jam packed season thanks to Kinetic Studio, take a seat and enjoy!

Kinetic Open Studio Series

Tickets: $8 students, seniors, artists/ $10 reg at the door or
Saturday & Sunday/7pm(walking performance) 8pm (indoor show)/ 18&19 March/2017