Monday morning hits and I feel honoured when suddenlyListen presenter Norm Adams rings me up ready to chat about the show: Conversations-movement and sound in a single breath at the Bus Stop Theatre on Wednesday. Heavyweights in the Music and Dance community here in Halifax have been collaborating more and more over the last few years and Adams is excited to bring the second annual music and dance corroboration to suddenlyLISTEN’s 2016/2017 season.

Sara Coffin Photo Courtesy of: suddenlyLISTEN

Featuring 6 established professionals, the group will stage their work around the concept of Stay, Shift and Evolve. The theme was developed by himself and Rhonda Baker during a recent workshop in which they discovered a method for creating improvised material.

Rhonda Baker Photo Courtesy of: suddenlyLISTEN

I ask Norm if he sees any link to the lifestyle of artists in Halifax to which he replies with a good natured chuckle agreeing that yes this could be a good metaphor. Stay, Shift, and Evolve.

” Lithe, noisy, grounded, rhythmic: All are here. Like any good conversation, there will be coincidences, differences of opinion, laughter, agreements and stimulating debates.” – suddenlyLISTEN

Jacinte Armstrong Photo Courtesy of: suddenlyLISTEN

Stay, Adams explains over the phone, refers to the loop of a phrase, repeating itself continuously over a period of time. Shift refers to the sudden change of material, where it could drastically move to a louder, quicker, slower or softer pace or “turn a corner”, and Evolve refers to the slow change of material where you may not even recognize the change taking place and end up somewhere unexpected.

Norm Adams Photo Courtesy of suddenlyLISTEN

suddenlyLISTEN’s dedication to improvisation has created a forum in which musicians are able to create works in real time; delighting audiences with spontaneous unique performative art. The artists bringing you this delight are seasoned professionals including dancers: Rhonda Baker (performer for Mocean Dance Company) Sara Coffin ( Co-artistic director of Mocean Dance) and Jacinte Armstrong (Recent recipient of ArtsNS Established Artists Recognition award).

Nick Halley Photo Courtesy of: suddenlyLISTEN

The show will feature musicians: Norman Adams himself (artistic director of suddenlyLISTEN and principal cellist of Symphony Nova Scotia), Brandon Auger (carpenter by trade, musical experimentalist by practice) and Nick Halley (choir director, Halley’s experience includes having performed with James Taylor!). Adams will be performing with his cello and experimenting with sound feedback, Nick brings you percussive rhythms and Brandon comes with a rare instrument called the Analogue Synthesizer originating in the 1960’s.

Brandon Auger Photo Courtesy of: suddenlyLISTEN

Pairs of the selection of dancers and musicians have before worked together, but for the most part their preparation is including very little rehearsal in order to maintain the spontaneity and deliver the magic inherent in improvisational work. Adams’ passion for improvisation has lead him to create suddenlyLISTEN a production in its’ 16th season!

Hop on for this exhilarating ride of spontaneity by established professionals for $20 a ticket. If budget is a bit tight these days, offer a small donation of what you can afford as Norm Adams is prepared to deliver outstanding performance without monetary barriers.

8PM/Wednesday/ 30 November/2016
$20 or pay what you can at the door