The Dance Seen

Reaching out to brace the fall of Kathleen Doherty, Artistic Director of Votive Dance I reach my hands out firmly to ensure her safe landing. Supporting one another is a constant in the dance world.

Photo by: Rhonda Baker          Stephanie Mitro Kara Friesen and Kathleen Doherty in rehearsal for   “be wild er” by Rhonda Baker

In an environment one may perceive as cut throat, the pursuit of a career in dance involves joining forces, boldly stepping forward into the spotlight and carrying each others’ weight from time to time.

Votive Dance’s World Premier of “In Pursuit” explores the intricacies of relating to one another as people and as dancers.

Photo by: Kathleen Doherty Michele Slattery, VIvika Ballard & Lydia Zimmer in rehearsal for “ What We Want ” by Kathleen Doherty

In “What We Want” by Kathleen Doherty, watch as dancers parade fearlessly and hold hands sheepishly, sharing excerpts of personal experiences. Dancers Vivika Ballard, Michele Slattery and Lydia Zimmer relate to audiences with “everyday actions and life experiences on a scale from the mundane to the fantastical” (Doherty)

Photo By: Rhonda Baker                          Kara Friesen Stephanie Mitro & Kathleen Doherty in rehearsal for “be wild er” by Rhonda Baker

Rhonda Baker’s work “be wild er” references themes of  exploitation coupled with real-time experiences of the performers (Kathleen Doherty, Kara Friesen and Stephanie Mitro)  creating a dynamic clash of perspective and priorities.

Of her work Baker says:

We arrive together, placing our own intricate realities into a newly defined space, dress it up and make it feel like a space we could inhabit together, to have a shared experience

Formed in 2012 Votive Dance spearheaded by Stephanie Mitro and Kathleen Doherty presents its’ fourth annual full length presentation appropriately titled “ In Pursuit ” as it grows in Halifax as one of the city’s few resident dance companies.

Join us in the lofty and intimate atmosphere of the Sonic Temple for invigorating dance performance. Tailor made for Nova Scotian audiences by homegrown talent “ In Pursuit ” promises to be an evening of delight in the human experience.

8PM Thursday-Friday/28-30 April/2016

Tickets: $20 / $15 Students, Seniors, Artists