The Dance Seen

This Wednesday brings you an evening of contemporary stylized Flamenco produced and performed by singer/dancer duo Hedi “El Moro” Graja and Myriam Allard . La Otra Orilla performs Moi & Les Autres for Halifax Audiences at the Spatz Theatre.

Well versed in the traditional art form of Flamenco hailing from their practice in Andalusia, they will present a new take on the traditional movements and story telling dances. Steering away from traditional story telling, Moi et les Autres hope to present a theme developed over the duration of the show from which the audience can derive their own imaginings and conclusions; according to an interview with Allard published in The Coast.

For a greater understanding of the art form read through this well presented history describing the origins of Flamenco . An emotionally charged dance stemming from pain, sadness anger and then hope the dance can be understood by anyone with the humanity to feel. A blend of influences from Jewish, Arabic and Spanish cultures it speaks to me of our current times where our divisiveness in some areas of the world are so balanced by our commitment to inclusion in other parts.

As a committed dance teacher I will be occupied in the classroom on Wednesday however I’m sending Johanne McInnes to soak it all in and relay the experience back to Halifax Dance Seen. Hope you can join her!

Moi et Les Autres by la Otra Orilla

8PM/Wednesday/ 30 March/ 2016

Tickets: $30/ $25 Seniors/ $20 Students