A very popular trend here in the Maritimes is to leave just after graduating high school; venturing to the unknown cityscapes of Montreal, Toronto, or any other large Canadian city. Having roots in the smaller towns of rural Nova Scotia certainly offers an alternate viewpoint from which you see the busy world in central Canada. Some Maritimers return, some leave for a long while, in Kinetic Studio’s Open Studio Series this weekend we’ll see ideas come from lands near and far from our home town roots.

This weekend, we’ll have the opportunity to witness creation by a choreographer from Cape Breton now residing in Toronto:Molly Johnson. She’ll share with us the act of just being, as the audience witnesses solitude much like the kind many face in the juxtaposition of her homeland, in public spaces. Of her creation she writes:

what other people think of me. …looks at what I feel to be our increasing societal unease with spending time in solitude, particularly in the context of being in a public space. I spend a lot of time out in the world by my lonesome and was inspired both by watching others wrestle with this discomfort and by observing my own dance with contently being vs retreating or posturing.

Michele Slattery having studied in Montreal now resides in Halifax and  brings us choreography inspired by the far reaches of Labrador; creating movement researched during her 10 day canoeing journey through the raw tumbling landscape.

Halifax’s Don Rieder will present his movement and monologue piece delving into the idea of finding or building one’s own cage. Through story telling his work Burnt I will show the audience what it is to deal with loss and hardship through the support of community. A theme Maritimers tend to be very familiar with as we forge on with the love and support of our close neighbours and family.

Chloe Hart and Aliah Schwartz whom both ventured away from NS to Montreal for their studies return to perform an investigation of “cyclical and interdependent tendencies” of two characters in an exploration of the spectrum of compassion and aggression.

In a country so diverse in its cultural realities, Kinetic Studio brings us perspectives from all over allowing us to peer into the telescope to far reaching territory and what lays within and around; giving the audience the opportunity to see similarities and differences between us and our counterparts. We are lead to conclusions through dance where movement preoccupies the unconscious and conscious pondering of fellow Canadian dancers.

Join us this weekend to enjoy movement works in various stages of creation that open our viewpoint and offer perspectives from all over.

8pm/Saturday&Sunday/ 30&31st January/ 2016

Tickets: $10 ($8 Seniors)

DANSPace 1531 Grafton st.