The Dance Seen

Tonight Kinetic Studio presents First Ideas , in which Megan Matheson Hamilton (stage name: “La Azulita”) will be presenting her work. Chosen as the Explorations candidate this year, we will watch as her idea develops, the process unfolding, as she prepares to present in the final Open Studio Series this winter.

Here is what Megan has to say about her piece thus far:

I’m mixing a flamenco song I wrote into a hip hop/electronica piece. For first ideas I’ll have the beginnings of the electronica music ready, for the Feb show I will also have an MC rapping live for it. I’m working with a well known artist to develop the track. I wrote and  performed the song with my flamenco company. I’ve always imagined it with beats behind it and explorations is the perfect venue to make this happen! I’m very grateful. Also, as a new mom, looking for more independent ways to perform, and managing a 6 piece group of musicians has its challenges!

The creative process has definitely started with the song, choreography ideas came, then with the beats added in, it’s been totally thrown off! Which is awesome. Challenging me for sure; totally exploring new ways to move with flamenco vocabulary.

Very different from my normal process in the sense that I’m working with musicians outside of the flamenco genre. It’s great to have their interpretations. Something totally new. Also, I’m not used to working with recorded music. The same in the sense that I don’t feel separate from the music. In flamenco the two are especially connected I think. I’m still feeling this.

8PM/Saturday & Sunday/28 & 29 November/2015

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