The Dance Seen

La 2e porte a gauche will be coming to us from Montreal to present a unique experience at The Alt Hotel, Stanfield International Airport called: “Rendez-Vous: 40 Silver Dart Drive”

As guests move from room to room they’ll witness a spectrum of circumstances between interpreters playing out various scenarios. One notably familiar name, Frederick Gravel participates as a choreographer in this project; you may remember his work presented by Live Art December 2014. No stranger to making the audience feel at ease and welcome by talking directly and openly with them during performance, I for one will be looking forward to seeing his creation set in one of the four hotel rooms.

So many dramatic human interactions can take place in a hotel room. So much of these can be expressed through the body. And yes, I’m expecting some racy elements. Although, one of my favourite scenes in Fear and Loathing is when Dr. Gonzo and Raoul Duke wake up in their trashed hotel room from a drug infused evening.

With choreographers like Gravel and Virginie Brunel whose themes often centre on “post romantic relationships” expect to undergo some analysis of human interaction as it exists in this age of openness and diversity. Peering from behind closed doors allowing for a completely exaggerated feeling of intimacy this interactive site specific work is sure to intrigue some voyeuristic part of you.

Far for you to travel? Click on the Live Art Link for more information on extras to help get you there and enjoy your visit to the Hotel; $5 Transportation return trip, beverage purchase and more!

from La 2e Porte à Gauche on Vimeo .

Presented by Live Art Dance
7PM/Friday & Saturday/6&7 November/2015
2pm/Sunday/8 November/2015

Buy Tickets: $30 Reg/$25 Senior/$20 Student