Not long after recovering from the thrill of Bboys filling the Dunn theatre with wild enthusiasm Live Art brings you something to titillate your intellect.

challenges herself to choreograph a structured 65 minute dance piece based on the work of Christian Bök’ s poem Eunoia. The meaning of this word, the shortest one containing all of the vowels in existence, is “beautiful thinking”.

As structure and art blend to create craft, the discipline and rigor required to produce dance from didactic poetic discourse sparks my interest. Like Marina Abramovic counting grains of rice, a performance that is so specific in it’s process will likely be uniquely beautiful. Sourcing movement from body parts in consideration of their names and the letters contained in their names, the dancers have uncovered their own movement vocabulary. Merging the English language with the language of the body coupled with projection and music Denise hopes to deliver an experience that surprises the audience. Oh the suspense!

Having participated in one of I was convinced of her ability to capture time through movement. Time, one element that we as humans are so fond of and can barely grasp. Based in Butoh dance, in the workshop we slowed our heartbeats, minds and bodies to limit ourselves within the framework of time. Walking so slowly that each muscle of my feet felt as alive as my mind. Walking ever so carefully through the space at one point feeling as if the molecules of my physical self could dissolve into thin air.

I can only speculate that the upcoming performance will be ripened through this careful practice of time mastery. Interested in knowing more? Check out the 12-1pm. Cozy up with the artist and ask Denise Fujiwara all your burning questions.

For tickets: LiveArt Dance

8pm/1-3 October/2015