The Dance Seen

Since May, a group of very talented performers and I have been working together, scheming, and sweating to bring a show to Halifax featured in the Fringe Festival next week. A year of choreographing solos for myself and group pieces for various projects lead me to believe that I could single handedly launch a full-length 50 minute show with a heavy narrative and political commentary. Putting everything else in my life on the back-burner I stuck my head in the sand of contemporary dance and have managed to teach my contemporaries movement that reflect my thinking on the issues we deal with today. With a lighter approach than would be expected, I was oh so inspired by many of the very dance professors and performers I have written about since this blog began. Including, but not limited to:

, for their tasteful use of characterization and props

by Serge Bennethan for his use of simple movements to tickle the imagination of the audience along one theme.

by Kathleen Doherty and Andrew MacKelvie for their fearlessness in producing a show involving many performers in a non-traditional setting.

Though, the theme of Toxicity seems dark and daunting I believe it is the artists’ goal to point out the flaws in our society before they happen, to imagine what it could be like to live in a world to which we seem to be headed so we can be inspired to take a turn for the better. Candice Pike made me realize this when she asked me some tough questions one evening. I realized that it’s important to not only imagine the disaster that ensues but to problem solve and choose the underlying relationship that could help us all avoid this imagined future called Toxicity.

I hope you’ll join us on this journey…..


Tickets $8

5 Sept Noon/ 6 Sept 10:10PM/7 Sept 6:50PM/2015

6040 Almon St.