The Dance Seen

Love. So many cultural stories and explorations based on this theme. The presentation by has taken the theme and dissected the psychology of it, manifesting all that humans feel for, with and at each other into haunting, comedic and tragic movement. Brilliantly crafted so that anyone who has felt for another person deeply can relate personally to the show in an intimate experience of self and other, memory and projection. Children giggle at the obscurely familiar movement inspired by comic book characters while adults are silently moved to tears. I laughed, cried and pondered my life experiences throughout the hour long show. Appropriate for all ages with a consideration for all in the audience with tasteful symbolism.
I know I love a show when the house lights come up and I have to feel for my seat to make sure I’m still sitting in the theatre where I last left myself. I was transported by this duo’s inventive use of technology, props, movement and theatrical character development. The balance of all elements was impeccable; clearly considered carefully and tediously throughout their creative process.
As I was watching them flow through anthropomorphic, quirky and heartbreakingly human sequences I felt refreshed by the play between storyline and artistic inquiry. I never in my years of dance experience could have dreamed that the body was capable of conveying so much of what goes on inside one’s head. The movement vocabulary invented by David Raymond and Tiffany Tregarthen truly became a readable language that moved the depths of my guts. “Words cannot express” rings true in this captivating show that somehow conveys the landscape of emotions so many go through while experiencing the vulnerability of being in love. I was lucky enough to attend the show which featured an artist talk after the performance. The dancers/choreographers were so eloquent about their practice; putting aside ambiguity to really talk frankly about how they feel while performing, where their inspiration came from and what their plans are for the development of “Me So You So Me” and the characters that live inside of it. Halifax is truly lucky to see such incredible dance making in it’s most raw and inventive form. A love story that will leave a footprint of our current cultural experience of intimate relationship.

Me So You So Me teaser from Out Innerspace on Vimeo .

Out Innerspace presented by Live Art Dance

8pm/Thurs-Sat/April 23-25/2015

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