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Fusing a love of live music composition and dance, Marta Marta Productions pairs up with to offer an intereptation of painful experiences as a victim of World War II. Embodying the painful repression of his trying experiences dancers and musicians pair up in duets and group performances in an exchange with the intent to trade responsibility on stage. This partnership develops into a visually and audibly pleasing historical dialogue between dancer and musician celebrating the resilience of the human spirit.

7pm/Fri-Sat/May 29-30/2015

Tickets: $35 General $30 Students & Seniors
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Live Art Dance is a tireless presentor and supporter of local dance. The organization also presents dance shows from all over the world, bringing us artistically rich practice.

Beginning in 1981 under the direction of Diane Moore, Live Art filled the need for dance programming in Halifax. Now under the watchful eye of executive producer Paul Caskey, Live Art’s programming satisfies our insatiable appetite for dance year after year. The only Atlantic Canadian contemporary dance presenter is careful to program artists from all over Canada and from Europe so as to offer a palatable but diverse season like a fine wine tasting. Though Paul and I agreed it would be easy to program only from Montreal as we have a mutual respect for the experimental dance happening in the lively city, Caskey stressed the importance of sampling from all different areas.

Why is it important to invite artists to Halifax? Paul thinks for a quiet moment and then we exchange excitedly building answer after answer together. Dance helps us view the world from a new exciting perspective. Inviting artists to our small city helps broaden these perspectives and warmly invites new Canadian and International culture. Workshops and classes that happen in response to each show offer new skills to thirsty Nova Scotian dancers. Hosting internationally acclaimed artists helps put us on the map as dance enthusiasts. Lastly, for the small price of a ticket you, the audience, can be taken away to another world and experience their culture absorbing a new understanding of the concerns of people all over Canada and the world; connecting you to the larger community in a real and tangible way.

Here I keep you updated on shows travelling from far and wide to perform in Atlantic Canada.